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Are you a Sensitive Soul looking for more comfort and joy in yourself, and the world around you? Offering eco-friendly skin care and massage services is Katrina’s way of honoring her lifelong friendship with plants and Nature, while helping her clients to show deep compassion and connection to themselves. Her hope is to also deepen their compassion and connection to others, and to our natural world. Katrina feels she is creating greater health and wholeness for herself, as well, by showing her love for others through caring touch.

Her specialty is working with people with allergies, reactive skin, or an otherwise sensitive system, who thrive on a slow simple approach.

 Sessions include minimal technology, organic ingredients, and lots of immune-boosting, body/spirit balancing, nurturing touch.

What does Katrina mean by organic? It means providing you with 100% organic cotton sheets to relax on. It means organic cotton facial wipes for your facial. Whenever something will be touching your skin, she strives to provide an organic and/or food-grade ingredient, process or experience. If she can't, she provides the option that comes the closest.

Katrina uses a small selection of carefully chosen face and body products that cover a wide spectrum. For a more "whole foods" minimally-processed skin care experience, she offers enzyme-rich masks and herb-infused oils that she blends herself on a seasonal basis, using organic, food-grade ingredients, free of synthetic chemical solvents and GMO’s. Your sessions might include raw honey, mineral-rich clays, powdered turmeric, licorice, Indian gooseberry, and oils such as hemp and pomegranate. The majority of skin products at the studio are vegan-friendly. The 2 large scale professional lines she uses are Jessa and 302.

Jessa emphasizes plant ingredients combined with more processed extracts and concentrates high in antioxidants and other skin supporting functions, such as resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

302 is the most conventional skin care line she carries, utilizing more synthetic ingredients, although they are all carefully chosen for safety and efficacy. The advantages of 302 are the high amounts of organic green tea and jojoba, well-tolerated forms of vitamins C & A, as well as the 302 proprietary Avogen extract, along with a relatively small number of ingredients per product, and the ability to purchase them without any fragrance or essential oils. These are all a huge advantage to Sensitive Souls who want a combination of botanicals with synthetics, in a convenient form, that their skin will thrive on.

Ready to explore your unique path to greater health, attractiveness, and loving connection to yourself, and Nature, through organic and eco-friendly skin care and massage services?

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